If you could define being a woman with one feeling, what would it be?

We live every day the challenges of being a woman, not only in our private lives but also in our work life; from sharing diverse opinions at work to forming a respectful, supportive and empathetic team.

International Women’s Day is a date that commemorates revolutionary women and their various historical achievements. We recognize these important movements, which allow us today to make choices about ourselves, about how we want to be, and although this freedom has not permeated all parts of the world, we can make a difference with small acts.

Enigma Team is made up mostly of talented, hard-working and creative women. We consider it equally important to meet to resolve work issues, even to organize ourselves and share our points of view; on this occasion, we did so on the basis of the questions: How do we define being a woman?

We believe that work can also be a space to reflect on the role we play in the world, to question stereotypes and redefine roles about what it means to be a woman. Great achievements begin with a conversation, for a reason and with mutual support: together we are more powerful.

We invite other talented women to join these discussions and create a collective piece; designers, illustrators, visual artists, poets and creatives, represent in a tote bag the feeling of being a woman.


Creemos en cultivar la curiosidad. En forjar la audacia para encontrar una solución que fortalezca el trabajo honesto a largo plazo. 

Creemos que al alentar ideas brotarán nuevos proyectos de una brillantez inigualable; donde los objetivos se vuelvan logros compartidos, las dudas puntos de partida y las soluciones estrategias.

Creemos que el trabajo en equipo es un compromiso entre clientes y colaboradores que se nutre al escuchar, investigar y poner en práctica nuestra experiencia

Y por último, creemos que navegar juntos es muy divertido e inspirador.