How to reduce body stress

Sometimes we spend more time at the desk than we should, so it is essential to arrange it ergonomically. We share with you these tips to help reduce body stress?
Source: Wall Street Journal.
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  1. Adjust your chair.
    Adjust the height so that your bent elbows form 90 degrees.
    If your feet do not touch the floor, use a footrest; if you do not have one, use reams of paper or something similar.
  2. Adjust your monitor.
    Raise the screen to your eye level. This will prevent you from straining your eyes or leaning forward to try to get a better view. If your monitor is not adjustable or you use a laptop, look for flat objects that give you enough height, and if you use two monitors, align them to the center of you.
  3. Take care of your mouse and keyboard.
    Your keyboard should be where your hands end up on the surface of the desk, and the mouse right next to it. Movements should start from the elbow and not from the shoulder. The key is not to reach for the tools.
  4. Move even if you are sitting down.
    Exercise the parts of your body that can be easily tensed. Move your head, shoulders, arms and lower back every 15 minutes if possible. And remember to get up from your desk at least once an hour.


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